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Mexico, Arizona, or where?

Dear Orchidians,

Some of you may have found my long silence restful. Others may have
wondered. I’m wondering too.

I have moved 12 times since I left my husband in early August (some
of these are overnights in motels, so it’s not as bad as it sounds).
As you might imagine, it’s been a while since I’ve made any jewelry.
I only have Orchid to make me remember that I once did that–and, for
a while, I had to drive many miles to the library to find out what
you all were up to.

The only house sit I found in Mendocino is for Jan 20-March 15,
which means more moving in the rain, and more uncertainties–not an
attractive prospect. I had a house sit in Grass Valley, but then they
found a professional landscaper who wanted it, so that was that. Now
I am at a friend’s in SF, trying to decide what’s next.

I still want that 5-6 month rest in the country and my friend has
offered to pay $300-400 a month rent for me, since house sits look
unlikely (and maybe he’s afraid he won’t be able to get rid of me
otherwise!). I thought “Mexico!” but I’m not getting a lot of
encouragement. A couple of Orchidians have recommended San Miguel de
Allende, but I keep hearing that a “highly sensitive person” like me
has no business going to Mexico unless she’s rich enough to insulate
herself from the noise. On top of which, I’d be on a tourist visa, so
I’m not sure I can even bring pliers with me. But…if any of you
have additional Mexico advice, especially regarding Todos Santos (an
artist’s colony–near Los Cabos–where I now have some contacts, and
where it’s a lot warmer than SMA, and there’s a beach–sigh), I’d
appreciate it.

The other idea was some place like Bisbee, AZ. Is it true that I
could find a small quiet house in the country in my price range, as a
friend has insisted? Are there other places like Bisbee, but warmer?
I know there’s no beach (sigh again) but I could drive there, and
bring my PMC kiln with me, never mind my pliers. And I could even go
to the Orchid dinner in Tucson!!!

If you have any helpful responses to this, please don’t bother
everyone else, just email me off list. Thank you all so much, if only
for keeping me feeling connected to a community through this trying
period in my life.

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments
(now in San Francisco)