Mexican silver 1940-60

Does anyone know anything about Mexican jewelery from the 1940-60
that came out of “Iechoen”(sp) Mexico it is a peice that a client
brought in and i remember something about the silver work that came
out of mexico during that period was a bit more artistic and
valuable, but I am not sure and would like any info so i could
research it for him, there are some clear hallmarks and it is well

thanks for any info
Aaron A Tracy

There are two great books about Mexican silver and some of their
master silversmiths including the American William Spratling who
revived the Mexican silver industry in Taxco Mexico. "Mexican Silver"
by Penny Chittim Morrill & Carole A. Berk published by Schiffer. The
other is “Silver Masters Of Mexico” by Penny C. Morrill, another
Schiffer book.I’m sure there are probably others but these two I own
because I am a great admirer of Mexican silver work. Try your library
I think you will enjoy them. Best wishes,
John Barton

There’s a gallery in Santa Fe which specializes in “classic” Mexican
silver. I’ll track down name & phone #. I don’t know what their
response would be, but they might be helpful. If you don’t hear
from me in a few days email me a reminder. … Kevin Kelly


There is a wonderful book Silver Master of Mexico: Hector Aguilar
and the Taller Borda. ISBN: 0-88740-961. It might be of some help to
you. I found mine at Barnes & Noble.


Aaron, If you can e-mail me a picture one of the shops I do work for
has a huge collection of Mexican silver and many books on the
subject. Most of the pieces come from Taxco, Mexico. The older pieces
from the 40’s thru 60’s are sought after by collectors and are very
expensive. Regards J Morley/Goldsmith/Laserwelding

Aaron, I think that you are misreading the stamp “Hecho en Mexico”…
I do not know of any town in Mexico that produced sterling that has
a similar spelling to “lechoen.”

If you will send me a jpg. of the other hallmarks and stamps you
mention in your post, I may be able to give you more I
lived in Mexico for seven years - mostly in Taxco, Guerrero. I have
been refurbishing, repairing, and replacing missing parts on
Spratling, Aguilar, and lesser known Mexican silver for many years
… and I have access to the government listings of trademarks,
hallmarks, and quality marks for past and present “talleres”

Brian P. Marshall
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