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Meteorite rings

My husband Chris Ploof has been making meteorite rings for years and
we have never had a customer complain about rusting. I’ve been
wearing mine for over 4 years without a problem. I think that
wearing it all the time keeps the rust at bay. The one time I took
it off and left it in a puddle of water it did rust, but a quick
swipe with scotch-brite took care of it. For anyone who’s
interested, you can see Chris’ Meteorite rings at


Years ago here in England it was the rage to wear engraved silver
identity bracelets. As long as they were worn continually they
didn’t tarnish or discolour the skin. My son wore a silver chain with
a St. Christopher medal for years with the same result. So it seems
that continual wear does indeed keep the nasties at bay. In a similar
vein, I was once told that it is necessary to wear pearls frequently
in order to preserve their warm appearance - something to do with
skin oils I believe - but I’ve never been able to verify this.