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I recently got a new computer which came with Windows 8. The last
new upgrade to Windows 7 wasn’t bad but this one was/is horrendous!
Among many problems, Metalynx no longer works. I used to use this
handy little program often. I contacted Kitco and they told me they
are coming out with a new Metalynk that will be a scrap calculator.
Anyone else use Metalynx? Any hope of making it work in Window 8 - 64
bit? It sounds like Kitco has abandoned it.

I have looked through iPad apps but they appear to be scrap
calculators too.

(The next computer will be a Mac!!!)


I feel for you. I have spent many years trying to stay ahead of the
MS game of changing the seat and WE have to change our butt to fit!

I have always had Windows (PocketPC) phones and once again chose the
new Windows Phone. I ALMOST winged it out the window a couple of
times, however I got over it and am pretty happy now and as a former
developer, I can see where they are going with all of their changes.

Many times recently, the adaptation process had me questioning my
own ability to adapt. After all the big 50 is coming up this week.
Nothing has made me feel older than trying to adapt to MS! Windows
phone interface is VERY similar in design to Windows 8 I want to
tease you about bailing for a MAC but I won’t!

There are six awesome built-in Windows 8 utilities that, according
to the article, no-one knows about. Hyper-V is one of those things.
The ability to build and run a virtual machine within or on your
Windows 8 machine. Build a virtual machine that is the exact version
of Windows that your software requires (You probably already have a
copy of that version of Windows) and then install the software in the
virtaul machine.

Here is a link to a PC World article, in case you are interested in
reading more.

Metalynx won’t work on a Mac either.

I, too, love that little piece of code. I actually keep an old XP
laptop around, just for that and a few other “gems” However all is
not completely lost. You can use Hoover and Strong’s "Quick Order"
link to accomplish the same things. Just don’t add the item to your


Good News Dept. Kitco has released new versions of Metalynx for
iPhones, iPads and androids. My iTouch was too old but I upgraded
the OS on my iPad and it Metalynx is now happily sitting on it - or
in it.

Try it out. It is very useful little program.