Metalworker needed

I am looking for a metalworker to make setting backs for the glass
jewels that I fabricate.

This work has to be done with a high level of “maker” ability. I am
willing to pay a generous price to the person who can do this. This
work will be done in your studio. I am hoping to develop a ongoing
business relationship with the right person.

This would include:

  • Cut and file cover plates of silver sheet (30 gauge) to match
    wrapped wire and the back of glass form.

  • Bend/Chase the cover plate edges to match curve of glass back.

  • Solder pins or other parts.

  • Smooth edges and polish plate backs. (some plate backs will be
    gold plated)

There are a variety of things that might be soldered on the back
plates… Clutch Pins or a Bale or an Articulated Pin with a Lock.

I have some custom made jigs to hold the back plate in place on the
glass form while the metal is worked / curved over the glass edge.
These jigs are available to make the process easier.

There are different size pieces that need backs.

The length of these pieces can be 3" or 2" or 1". The piece pictured
is 3" long. The backs for every piece will be unique. Every glass
form is slightly different.

I’m hoping to find someone in the Tri-State area. (NY, NJ, CT)

You can see pictures of what I need at

If you are interested please contact me, so we can communicate

Sydney Cash
e-mail: @Sydney_Cash