Metalwerx - a great place to learn!

Hi All - a while ago I posted a note asking where I might find a
good workshop. I was contacted by Karen Christians up at Metalwerx
in Woburn Ma, suggesting that I might like to join in her Soldering
101 class. I had the most wonderful time! Karen’s shop is clean,
bright, organized and supplied with some really nice equipment. I
learned to solder correctly through a series of well chosen
exercises from sweat soldering, to stick and pick soldering. The
materials included a great set of handouts. I hope to get back
there for their Vendor Day in April. They have all kinds of classes
at Metalwerx, and have a really safe, fun evnironment to learn in.
Thanks for the help in finding a great class and a great resource
for continuing learning Dr. Aspler! (The Naked Chef recipe looks
wonderful too!) Sincerely, Kathy Palaski