Metalsmithing organizations to join

I posed a question on my post to the long thread on Metalsmith’s last
Exhibition in Print, asking for recommendations on metalsmithing
groups, or organizations to join. Someone emailed me off the list,
and before I realized it must have been an Orchid member, I deleted
it. So, here I am, again, hoping to start a new post, asking which
metalsmithing groups or organizations any of you belong to and might
recommend to me. Also, if someone emailed me off list before, please
do so again, but please note in the subject line you are an Orchid
member so I don’t delete your email! Thanks in advance!

Hobbs Wells in sunny, but not for long, Portland, Oregon!

Jewelry and metalsmithing guild in Portland Oregon is CMAG check out the site for our Spring Show - a great event
we meet monthly and it is a great group