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Metalsmithing in Novato

I was researching…looking for metalsmithing classes in Marin
county when I came across an archive from 2004 mentioning an Eve
Navarro from Novato, CA. I happen to live in Novato and would love to
get in contact with her. Eve…if your reading this I would really
appreciate it if you would contact me…@Jim_or_Liz2
my name is Liz. If there are any other metalsmithers (word?) out
there in my area I would love to hear from you.


I have been trying to get Eve Navarro to respond to emails for a
couple of years, but no joy. I haven’t received anything from her,
either. She mostly taught wirework. The only Google pages that look
as if they might be referring to here are in Japanese. I wonder if
she’s emigrated.

If you’re looking for metalsmithing, there is a great program at the
College of Marin. Or was. Who knows, given the horrors of the budget
cuts. If you don’t mind crossing the bridge, you could try the
Richmond Art Center, where I studied quite happily (as did Eve). It
would be much easier for you to get to Richmond than to the City.

Good luck!
Lisa Orlando
Albion, CA, US