Metalsmithing classes in New York City

Hello! I am new to Orchid and I am happy to join this forum. My
jewelry experience spans over decades (time flies) and all of it
is self taught. Right now I am in search of a jewelry making,
metalsmithing formal course or any related lectures available in
New York. I have searched the Web (that is how I found Orchid) and
inquired at the local colleges, but it is either too late for
spring term or they do not have the summer or fall listings yet.
Does any one have any about where to look further? Any
help greatly appreciated. Please E-mail @Acquamarin.
Thank you!

If you have a chance to take any classes from John Cogswell at
Parsons, I would look there. I believe Parsons has an evening
program. Also look at the YMCA in NYC. Many prominent
metalsmiths give workshops there.

Good luck!
Karen Christians
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