Metalsmith Juried Exhibition in Print


I am pleased to announce that Metalsmith Exhibition in Print, 2004
[EIP] is now fully available for view through The Ganoksin Project

Launched in 1994 with the mission of “providing additional coverage
to the wide range of work being done in our field today”, EIP has
showcased the exceptional work of hundreds of metalsmiths, from
established masters to students and relative newcomers.

Each year the EIP alternates between juried and curated formats,
allowing for both general overviews and more thematic exploration.

For this juried EiP, the jurors-Sharon Church, jeweler and professor,
The University of the Arts, Philadelphia; Susan Cummins, former owner
of Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, California; and Ursula Ilse
Neuman, curator, Museum of Arts and Design, New York-Viewed the
slides of some 300 applicants to make their final choices.

Since the EIP’s inception, the biannual curated themes have included
studio multiples, metal sculpture, holloware, enamel and the
forthcoming “Flatware: Function + Fantasy”, curated by Boris Bally
and Rosanne Raab. The theme is an exploration of contemporary
metalwork for the preparation, presentation and consumption of food,
with an emphasis on the marriage of art, craft and design.
“Flatware: Function + Fantasy” will published in August 2005.