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Metalsmith classes in Philadelphia area?


Could our members please comment on any "intro to metalsmithing"
classes in the Philapdelphia area? My son, who lives near Norristown,
PA, is interested in taking a level-I class or private instruction.


mainline art center wayne art center are two that i know offer classes.

Check into Tyler Art School at Temple University. Currently
building on main campus, original campus in Elkins Park.


Hello Lorraine -

I started with an introductory course at Bucks County Comm College
about 10 years ago or so. It had nice facilities, good equipment and
the instructor was very nice also. Someone else that has been there
since I attended may be able to comment on how well they have kept up
the quality of the workshop. If they have, I would highly recommend
BCCC for an introductory course.


Bucks County Community Collebe in Newtown Pa. has an excellent
metalsmith program. It follows the same criteria for art courses as
the big art colleges so your classes transfer well. It’s where I
graduated and I loved it. I still audit classes to use their casting
equiptment. Excellent staff, great equiptment. Many of my professors
where from New York or working jeweler’s from Philly. Plus, he will
get a discount for living in Bucks County, and they cater to adult
students with night and weekend classes.

Good Luck!
Linda Reboh

I took the introductory course at Bucks County Community College
about 7 years ago and it was fantastic. I’ve heard that they have
completely updated the workshop since then too. I have taken
workshops at other art centers, etc. since, and none have compared
to the class I had at Bucks. The instructors were among the most
knowledgeable I have come across. I highly recommend taking classes
there. It can be a bit pricey if you live out of county, but in my
opinion its worth it. Their website is


Join the Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths

They offer a number of terrific workshops. You can also check into
the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Margery Cooper

Philadelphia is a Mecca of sorts.

Tyler School of Art Campus (of Temple University) in Elkins Park
used to have a great study program when I lived in Philadelphia. I am
not sure if their classes are open to continuing ed/ non-matriculated
students, but it is worth further investigation.

I recommend University of the Arts classes. I started off taking
continuing ed/ night courses their years ago to qualify for a
subsequent apprenticeship.

Do not discount apprenticeship opportunities that may be found
through local art galleries or art organizations, if you are wanting
to learn the fundamentals. Although you may have to make a firmer
time commitment to your mentor and have less choice as to techniques
you may be exposed to, lessons learned like subtle/ invaluable bench
techniques and honing basic metal smithing disciplines develop over
time. If you are beyond the basics, then more advanced classes are
the way to go.

Hope this helps.
Best Regards,