Metals/tools pool account for orchidians?

Hello folks, reading the discussions about buying tools and metals
from swest, stuller, hoover etc lead me to the idea that perhaps
Orchid could arrange something similar to the following: Quite a few
years ago the Creative Metal Arts Guild in Portland, Or set up a
pool purchasing account with both Swest and Hoover for their
membership through the regional sales rep for both of these
companies. I believe the first year was sort of probationary where
the membership had to account for a certain dollar amount of sales
with each company to make it worth their while I suppose to keep
offering the discounts.

It affords all CMAG members with discount pricing such as: purchasing
gold from Hoover and Strong at the 100dwt price break - even if
you’re only buying 5 dwt with Swest the discount was getting the 100
oz break for silver and 7-10% off most tools and supplies. This
arrangement has saved me literally thousands of dollars over the
years - all the more so when my business was smaller and I rarely
needed more than 5 dwt of any one type of gold at a time. Any
interest in approaching some of our suppliers with this idea on
behalf of Orchidites? Michelle