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Metals in NY

Hi guys! Well it is back to the big city to see some friends, do
MJSA, see the Vision Awards, an Orchid dinner and catch a little
Irish. So, who has shows up in the city worth seeing? Bill

Bill, Deborah, Michele & Sarah
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc
928-634-3434, 800-876-3434, 928-634-6734fx

Here are a few to consider: First on my list would be GOLD at the
American Museum of Natural History. There is over one ton of gold in
this very comprehensive exhibit. It is a good idea to buy tickets in

There is an exhibit of “Five Centuries of Swedish Silver” at
Scandanavia House, 58 Park Ave.

Focus: David Smith at MOMA, 53rd St. between 5th & 6th Ave.

Joel Schwalb