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Does anyone know of a company called Metaliferous in New York.
Perhaps I don’t have the spelling correct?

Richard Whitehouse

Email: @Richard_Whitehouse1

Does anyone know of a company called Metaliferous in New York.
Perhaps I don’t have the spelling correct?

I’ve ssen their extensive catalog of non-precious metal
materials, and I’ve heard rumors of a used tool room…

Richard D. Hamilton
Fabricated 14k, 18k, and platinum Jewelry
wax carving, modelmaking, jewelry photography


Metalliferous is at 34 West 46th St. New York 212-944-0909 -
212-944-0644 (fax), no 800 and no web site.

Nancy <@nbwidmer >
ICQ# 9472643
Bacliff, Texas US on the Gulf Coast just blocks from Galveston Bay

Yes Richard. Metalliferous,Inc is a really good co. to deal
with. Very accommodating and a good assortment of stock and
tools. Peter and Anthony are the two principles. Address 34
West 46th St. New York,NY 10036 212 944-0909

Good Luck Joe


Richard the correct spelling is Metalliferous it took me over a
year to get a catalogue from them after I sent them a check.
They have a lot of stuff but I find them pricey. Their number is
1-888-944-0909. Vince Larochelle

Richard Whitehouse wrote:

It a great place and if you live close it wonderfull again…
Just looked at your address guess you can’t roam the shop… tgey
have most anything you want and are so nice to deal with… Altho
I deal with them by visiting but they did send me some silv er
one time and it came just perfect… Dave is one of the owners
and he is great… Knowledgeable… (spelling)… anyway try it

You’ll find Metalliferous at:

34 West 46th Street
New York, N.Y. 10036
Tel:  212 944 0909
Fax: 212 944 0644

Say hello to Peter Bovin there for me.

	Michael Knight
Does anyone know of a company called Metaliferous in New York.
Perhaps I don't have the spelling correct?

Richard, the correct spelling is ‘Metalliferous’. They’re
located at: 34 West 46th St., New York, NY 10036, 212- 944-0909.
They stock a wide variety of metals, all shapes, sizes &
materials. They also sell tools, books & supplies. A good
companny to do business with.


Hi Richard:

Yes - they’re in NYC, and believe it is spelled with two "l"s -
Metalliferous. If you can get around the exceptionally rude
sales help, you’ll find that they have a good array of supplies
(except gold). If mail ordering, you won’t have to deal with
the former. They’re at 212-944-0909.

For gold in NYC, you’ll want to go to Ross Metals. I don’t have
their number with me, right now - perhaps someone onlist can
supply it.


That Metalliferous 888# is toll free. They can be pricey but
have the greatest decorative tubings I’ve ever seen! Gini in
Tampa bay area

The staff of Mettaliferous is definately amusing (mostly rude)
but as a twenty something I understand where they come from, and
find them almost charming when I’ve gotten to know a few of them.
The owners are great help and the manager (forgot her name) is
great if you’ re on her good side. I find them very expensive and
only use them if I need a sample of something (they have no
minimum for walk in customers) or I need one of something (one
6mm bur cup) rather than buying a whole box. I also find that
Ross is very expensive and would rather deal with Hoover and
Strong or Indian Silver in New Mexico. Just my $0.000002

yes i know it - Metalliferous in midtown ny. I don’t have phone
number handy - you can check with 411 or call me at Gesswein at
1-800-544-2043 and I can access it when i’m there.

Best Regards,
Elaine Corwin

hi! Richard, metalliferous in new york can be reached by phone 1
212 944 0909 by fax 1 212 944 0644, and by mail 34 west 46th
street NY NY 10036. I use them, and they have a large variety of
supplies. good luck. christina.

I just got back today from New York and I stopped in
Metalliferous, Inc., 34 West 46th Street, New York NY 10036,
212-944-0909, Fax 212-944-0644. Have extremely unusual tubing,
etc. Nice people to deal with.

Whoops, I accidentally deleted the address of a subscriber that asked
me for the address of Metaliferous awhile back! It is: Metaliferous,
34 West 46th Street, N.Y., N.Y. 10036 Phone: 212-944-0909

Please forgive me for the tardiness, I’m in the middle of my high
summer season and will be grossly negligent until after Labor Day.