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Metalic Paint

I was wondering; are their any inexspencive ways to make a metalic

There is one way that you can try. Go to an Art Supplies and see if
you are able to purchase a metalic powder that is used for mixing
matalic paint. Be sure that it is metalic powder by trying a torch
battery and bulb. With a wire to the base of the battery and a wire
around the screw part of the bulb. Place both wires in the powder and
touch the bulb to the top of the battery, if metalic it should light
up the bulb. I know this has been done with a gold and copper powder
but not sure of silver (could be aluinium). Mix this powder with a
matt clear varnish enough to be able to paint it on what you want to
use as a former.

Hope it will be of some help.

Best wishes.
Major Boyce @pyramid