Metal Weaving Workshop at Metalwerx

Hi, I have just completed a metal weaving workshop at Metalwerx, with
Cynthia Downs. I thought it only appropriate to say a few words:

  1. Thanx to Karen, Sue, and Carrie for the warmest of welcomes and a
    professional - but courteous, personal, and caring - attitude. Being
    at Metalwerx was truly a spiritual experience! :slight_smile:

  2. Cynthia Downs is not only an artist and craftswoman of the
    highest calibar, but also a genuinely nice person. It was great
    being in her workshop. All in all, I learned several rare techniques
    and helpful tricks of the trade that I would never have obtained
    otherwise. Cynthia was open and generous with her knowledge and
    laboriously gleaned experiences. The workshop went far beyond a
    cut-and-dried explanation of The Process.

One Chinese proverb says: “If you let a green limb into your heart,
the singing bird will come.” La la la, Devora