Metal stuck inside a bezel block

Hi, thank you for letting me post this question here among people that will have a solution.
When using various bezel block with the punch, how does one remove the metal being formed? The formed metal is constantly remaining stuck and has to be pulled out with pliers resulting in deformation and scratches. One was stuck so bad that a torch had to be taken to it, melting it out.
Bezel block has been oiled and the metal is still stuck.
Any advice? Oiling the bezel blocks hasn’t helped.
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Are the cavities rough? It is good practice to polish the cavities to a nice shine. Something like bur life should be all you’d need for lubrication, if that.

It might help others to reply if you mention the shape of the bezel, country of origin if known (mine are all made in Italy and are of high quality), the size cavity, the kind of metal getting stuck, the metal’s gauge… As much detail as possible.

Neil A


Neil…Good advice. I don’t use bezel blocks. The only thing that I can think to add, in addition to pre-lubing the block, is to use the punch to push the bezel out front the back…Rob

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That’s great advice to polish the inside of the blocks. Will need to try it and see if the metal will come out of the block.

…perhaps describe your process?

what shape bezel black?

are you starting with a cylindrical tube, or a tapered collet?

how are you determining what size hole to start with, and are you using one hole? or progressively smaller ones? is the collet fitting all the way in the hole?

is your collet flush with the top of the block or talker?



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Polishing the punch areas is a great idea!

When I get a bezel stuck in a block, if nothing else works, then I push it out through the bottom with an appropriate size brass rod and a hammer. That technique has always worked for me.

Hope that helps!



The openings on the underside of the bezel block are generally quite small. If it isn’t possible to get a rod in from the back to dislodge it, as Jeff suggests, the is the option of last resort. Use a bit of adhesive (plastiform, thermoloc, pitch, epoxy, etc.) on a wood or metal dowel as a handle, let it set until hardened, then clamp the block in a vise and use a pair of vise grips on the handle to pull the setting free.

To avoid this problem occuring, be gentle forming the bezel into the block and don’t force it. Also, a bit of lubricant is sometimes helpful.