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Metal smith's Exhibition in Print

Thank you Don

I have more respect for you now then ever.

I am glad you did write and clarify quite a few things for me ,the
truth is, after this elongated thread ,I was even more disgruntled by
quite a few things being said ;it seems there is always some one out
there willing to take the lead or the privilege and being in the

the amount of material I read coming from Mr. Cooperman just made me
question if I belong in an organization that is too elitist and goes
against all my belief system in the arts. I was ready to just quit
SNAG ,it becomes so petty and miniscule compared to the rest of the
art world (they are so far ahead of us ) there are So many great ART
organization out there, who are a lot better balanced in a lot more
ways then SNAG has ever been. I am glad you wrote Don ,it just
reminded me of the clarity that is possible to why be part of SNAG ,
it doesn’t matter of all the opinions as long as we do have things
like THE ART OF GOLD then I am content, and inspired and excited
about getting more work done VS. depression ,disgruntlement.

Thank you Don

As to Andy Cooperman ,well you know they say any thing you say or do
will be held against you; I did go to your site ,I did read your Bio
/statement. Used to like your work, I now see it in a very different

Hratch Babikian