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Metal shops in Toledo Spain


Was: Who or what inspired you to become a metalsmith?

The metal shops in Toledo Spain that I used to hang out in when I
lived in Madrid as a kid.

I will be in Toledo for 2 days end of March, do you remember any
specific area or shop from that period?

Kind regards


Peter- You can’t turn around and spit with out hitting a metal shop.

Everything from sword makers to jewelry. So many master engravers
working without magnification.

I just love that little medieval town. We used to catch the bus from
Madrid since it’s nearly impossible to drive in Toledo. You can
almost touch either side of the street with your hands while standing
in the middle of the road. It’s a quick ride and there is regular

I was just back there a few years ago and it really is unchanged.
Toledo used to have quite a few jews living there before the
Inquisition. I love looking for signs of Judaica in the street names
and carvings in stone.

Have a great trip.

Jo Haemer