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Metal Shear


Save your money, tools, and time!

Bezel is used so copiously in the American Southwest, that suppliers
strip it and put it on spools. Look for sterling silver, fine silver,
nickel, red brass, 14KY, and goldfilled(1/20 12ky).

Edge treatments include none (called plain, just a ribbon), serrated
(little zigzags, about 1/32" in amplitude), and scalloped (a
bouncing ball path). Also an attractive ribbed pattern in fine silver,
straight vertical lines plus top serration.

Gauges from 26 to 32, and heights from 3/32" to 3/16". Most common
heights are 3/32" - 1/8" - and 3/16".

Bezel cups are a common commodity, plain edged, serrated, and large
scalloped. Calibrated sizes from 3mm rounds to 30x40mm ovals,
lozenge and teardrops, and hearts.

Best manufacturer and supplier would be Indian Jewelers Supply Co.
1-800-545-6540 or 1-505-722-4451.