Metal Sensitivity - Titanium vs. Niobium

Thanks Ray and others who emailed with this suggestion Re:
jumpringer. I’ll try this, maybe even toothpicks for the tiniest

the next question: Can someone tell me the difference between
titanium and niobium as far a metal sensitivity? I have a customer
who has found that she can wear titanium without skin reaction, and I
was wondering if the same would hold true with niobium. I know of a
source where I can buy niobium earwires, but can’t seem to find a
source for titanium. (Google comes up with finished jewelry sources,
but no findings sources.) Any suggestions or on thes two
products would be appreciated.

Bev Ludlow

Hi Bev, Niobium is actually more inert then titanium. She should have
no trouble with either. We have both metals in earwires and titanium
in fusion posts. Look here -

Thank you, Bill, Deborah, Michele & Sarah
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc.

I know that body jewelry is often made with niobium to get all the
interesting colours as well as titanium. Personally I have been
wearing a couple niobium rings continuously for years with no issues.