Metal Rustproofer

When I was working (I’m retired ) I found a company in California
that had rust proofing papers and rustproof plastic bags! These items
were not inexpensive but worked like a charm in an enclosed
environment! These paper and plastic bags put an anti-moisture
atmosphere around the metal that kept the rust away! I had sold it
to a company that made large machinery! The project was in the
Amazon somewhere and had to be protected from rust in a very warm,
humid area! They wouldn’t need the parts for approx. 3 - 6 months
and they bought this stuff to wrap the parts. A search on the
internet might turn up the company which was a large conglomerate
head quartered in the Chicago area! Sorry I can’t remember the name!
Forgetfulness gets to all of us eventually! If anyone is
interested contact me off list and I will try to find out the name of
the company!