Metal Molds

Hi Everyone, I have seen several posts for people looking for
someone that does metal mold making. My company is JewelTech and
I am located in the Seattle, WA area and perform this service. I
have a CNC mill if you need parts or prototypes made. I also
have a 3-D scanner for scanning pieces in 3-D.
Jim Curnow

Dear all, The response to our metal molds/Die blanks was tremendous
and for those who wanted to see some more regarding these
die sets I have finally had the time to post the necessary info. These
die sets are completely interchangeable, therefore because of their
flexibility in allowing cores/inserts to be exchanged for each job,
the investment in the long run is very small. The set of six die sets
will allow for consistency in the set up of machined cores, therefore
once you have set up your first set, each and every one there after,
will fall into the same machining strategy, in turn saving you time
and effort in producing excellent die sets for your production.
Additionally the die sets are supplied with a disk (in any format
requested) with the necessary geometry and dimensions for you to
import and simply apply a toolpath. The fact that most jewellers at the
bench top machining level will not own an edge finder, a wiggler or
even an indicator, allows for misalignment in the vice or other
fixturing methods thus greatly affecting ones ability to ensure
squareness in both X and Y. Our approach by-passes this problem and
will allow individuals to machine top and bottom dies that will align
correctly. For more information Best viewed in Explorer
especially for the animated die set link

On another note we will be offering online demos, training and
support for Solidworks after Dec 10th. This is being implemented
primarily to add visual aid to our customers rather than phone
conversations only. We are currently accepting names for online demos,
therefore if you want to see Solidworks in action sign up today and we
will reply with your scheduled time and date. If you have a time and
date in mind then we will try and accommodate your request. With our
high speed connection we can assure excellent results and more
importantly we can handle multiple individuals simultaneously,
therefore if you have a buddy that wants to sit in on the session to
help you , or to just enjoy the ride then do so by all means. This
online scenario will allow me to activate you as the driver in the
session, enabling you to get the feel for it as we speak. Solidworks
will not have to be loaded on the customer’s computer, so have no fear
it is available to all who wish to see this software in action. Best
Regards Neil George

Jordan, call Jeff Brooks at 501-327-2825 for metal molds. His e-mail
address is

Contact us for the most dependable plastic injection beads.

Bill Mull
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