Metal Molds and Cad

Hi don’t get me wrong. I enjoy all the discussions about cad and
milling machines and the right software package to use. I have been
in the Jewelry business approaching 40 years. I am still in awe of
the technology it takes to send a fax, so learning cad buying a mill
and learning that are not an option. Seriously is there any body that
can help me find some one that can supply me with cad work and metal
molds. I need to be able to trust them with my designs that they
would remain exclusive. And I need someone that can interpret my
drawings into cad without making them look like they were designed
by some futuristic cyborg. And I need metal molds cut for me in a
timely fashion. I need molds not excuses. So if there is anyone that
can help this aging computer illiterate but very talented at my trade
jeweler out please respond.


Hi Greg, I don’t know where you are located however you might want
to give Skinny Dog Design, located in Long Beach, CA a try. I have
used their services for creating waxes from my designs with success.
A dynamic duo, check them out!

My best,
Trish McAleer -