Metal Mold Blanks

Dear List, Over the past couple a months we have been getting requests
for metal mold blanks that basically would allow one to spend time
cutting cavities rather than building a new tool each time. We are
considering treating this as an added service to our customers who do
a little machining, but do not have either the capacity or probably
more so, the time to deal with building the whole die set. I would
therefore like to make the same offer to CNC users here on Orchid, and
would appreciate any feedback as to some of the problems CNC users are
experiencing with their molds so that we can provide a better service.
From this info, we will determine if there is a solid need for precise
mold blanks with bushings and alignment pins, and also to build an
interchangeable die whereby, one would undo a four screws and swap
out a design cavity in seconds rather than have a whole die set
sitting on a shelf. We have a solution to basically make alignment
problems a non-issue. All dies will be in free machining aluminum,
with 4 sintered bronze bushings and 4 x 1/8th dowel pins and 4
stainless steel screws for the interchangeable one. We produce approx.
30 mold blanks weekly for our own use, therefore it would be just as
easy to produce a 100 as it would 30 and hopefully help some of you
guys out there. We use a 3 x 2 inch standard jewelry base for our
needs, therefore if smaller or larger units are required, we can treat
it as a special order, unless several individuals request the same
sizes etc. etc. These will be durable and of high quality, not the
cheap white metal stuff that is currently being offered. If you are
going to the expense of time and effort to produce a metal mold, then
do it the right way with one that will last.

Kindly reply off forum or call 954-572-5829 Best Regards. Neil George