Metal Loss on setting stones

I get my stones set on contract basis. I find it so difficult to
ascertain how much loss I should give my setter that one setter
refused to work with me when I told him that I would give 100
miligram loss on an average for every 100 stones (sieve size (0-11)
that he sets apart from the normal stone setting charges that he
takes. He wanted 250 mg for every 100 stones set.

I have no hands on experience with setting stones. Can some one
assist me on how much loss is acceptable for every 100 stones set
consideriing the fact that i make hand made jewellery which has no
prongs made as seen in casted jewelry. The setter has to create the
grains using a tool.

Rahul Rampuria


It appears that your diamond setter wants income from Setting and
the Gold filings! No matter how much a setter drills into the gold,
there will be a “loss” to you. How much? That is very hard to tell. I
know from experience, the jeweller at the bench might have an
appreciable amount more ‘scrap’ than the setter…To give you an
example after 21,000 bead settings two years ago, I had only 300-400
grams total at the end of the year. That was from everyone who gave
me setting to do.

Is he drilling for an oil company or is he just doing his job? Your
loss will be measured in micro-grams. If you are so concerned, try
measuring the gold before and after the setting fact. See what the
"loss" really is, excluding the weight of the diamonds, you might be

“Gerry! the Cyber-Setter!”