Metal from supplier - is it normal?

The metal that I get from suppliers (and I’ve used several over the
years) always seems to come to me with pits, dints and deep
scratches - usually not enough to complain… but I am wondering if
this is normal. I am guessing that the suppliers don’t really
understand how it is used by jewellers and so don’t take care to
preserve the quality of the metal - although I feel, at times, that
it would make the job so much easier if the metal was ready to use
when it arrived.

Also, I am wondering what is the best way to remove gouges and
scratches from wire when it is important to the design that the wire
be smooth? Also, this question applies to when you get wire with
lines running the length of it - like it has received scratches from
the drawplate. I find that rubbing sandpaper down the length of the
wire doesn’t remove the long scratches from the drawplate very
effectively… but running around the diameter of the wire (in a
spiral) with a sanding stick or sanding disk tends to make the
wire’s surface wavy - something that is particualarly noticable when
polished and light is reflecting in all directions.

R.R. Jackson


I use a combination of Surface Grinder, belt sander/grinder (2 x 72)
and polishing wheels. Many times I have been know to put some on my
metal bars through by rolling mill to flatten out imperfections.


hello, It is not acceptable to receive products in the state you are
describing. It happens sometimes but not often. You should tell
them that you wish to return these products and ask them for a call
tag from the shipper. This costs them money. Perhaps you should
change the company with whom you are doing business. There are
several major companies that would never send you crap. If they did
they wouldn’t have the amount of business that they do. Hoover and
Strong is one that comes to mind. I don’t use them much anymore as I
am using specialty alloys now but they always sent each sheet and
bundle of wire in its own plastic bag. There were seldom any but the
most minute of dings and scratches, it didn’t matter is it was SS or
22K gold. I don’t remember ever getting wire in anything but pristine
condition. They are very nice and easy to deal with. Rio is good and
I am sure there are more.

good luck,

Hello, I suggest Stuller.

I was there on a tour a little over a year ago and observed the
rolling department getting ready to scrap a very long piece of flat
stock because it had minor surface imperfections on one edge. I’m
sure it’s the type of thing that happens to all manufacturers
periodically, but not everybody is as discerning. I’ve ordered from
Stuller for almost 30 years and don’t remember getting any surface
blemishes on any metals.

Usual disclaimer applies, just a satisfied customer.

James S. Cantrell CMBJ

I have found Stuller to be an excellent supplier. My metals all come
without any blemishes, carefully wrapped and re-wrapped. I am one of
their small" customers, yet they treat my order as if I were a huge
outfit. They ship things out immediately, and I have never had any
cause for complaints Usual disclaimer–just a very satisfied