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Metal Corrugation tools

I just finished reading Trish McAleer’s article on metal corrugation

and was wondering what basic tools people use for this. I can see
how a rolling mill could enhance certain designs, but what is used
to create the ridges in the first place?

– Leah

Hi Leah,

Thanks so much for your inquiry.

There are many tools used to create a corrugated surface for the
processes and textures I create. I have an analysis that is included
in the Tools section of my book “Metal Corrugation” on all tools
that I had available to me at the time of publication. Most all of
the tools are either hand or bench top tools and range in price from
$15.00 up to $2000.00.

The only tool that is not included is the newest Durston
"corrugation mill" that was introduced last year at the Rio Grande
venue in Tucson. I have one that I am testing at present. This is
equlivant in size to a rolling mill.

This is an exciting process if you have not yet tried working with

Rio Grande carries my book, the Industrial Tube Wringer 401, Bonny
Doon Corrugation Tool, the Lil Boss Wave Pattern tool and the
Durston Corrugation Mill. So, if you have their catalog you can find
these items.

If you need a phone number for other suppliers, you can go to my web
location, select the links tab and there you will find more


Hope this helps!
My best,
Trish McAleer -
MASSC President -

Morning Leah,

there are two devices that are available (that I know of). The
first is a bonny-doon micro fold brake. It costs about $165 (from
Rio grande catalog). The second is an industrial tube wringer which
retails about $21.95 (there is a website for them but I lost it. It
is in a book by Jack Berry). The main differences between the two
are size and strength.


Thank you to everyone who replied to my question, publicly and
privately. It sounds like there is quite a range of tools out there

  • at a wide range of prices. Off to start reading from some of the
    links people sent!

– Leah