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Metal Clay World Conference Report


I just got back from the Metal Clay World Conference and wanted to
report on how fantastic it was. The true artistry and
crafts(wo)manship that adorning the necks of the participants was
mind blowing.

Charles was an amazing and inspirational speaker. Since he was one
of the founders of Ganoksin I thought you would all like to hear of
another feather in his cap. I felt he was an excellent choice. His
innovative techniques remind us that there is definitely a place for
new materials and finding unique ways to use them in our work. He
also reminded us that it is not the material in and of itself, but
the way in which an artist is able to incorporate that material
"successfully" into new forms that push the boundaries of our
imagination. His closing message was encouraging us to play and
explore, not for the sake of an end result, but for the sake of
freeing our mind and spirit. When I think of artists and crafters, I
agree how important it is to keep the mind open to new and exciting
materials, techniques and possibilities. We can always decide later
that something just doesn’t suit us, but it is always worth checking
out those options with an open mind. Happy Creating,

Holly Gage