Metal branding


Does anyone know how I would go about making small quantity branding
logos like in the attached example? Regular dome half circles would
work too.

If anyone has any experience in this or know of companies I should
contact…your input will be greatly appreciated.

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I am reposting this because my photos where deleted:

I need to make a limited quantity of a metal branding element
similar to the metal logo in the attached photos.

Where can I have this done? Will I need a mould for this? My brand
logo is an “8” and is about 3" in height. It will need to be attached
to leather (like in the photos) with some sort of stud to create that
“debossed” look.

It can be any element that makes an “8”. I was also thinking about
having two swarovski buttons one on top of the other to make an 8. Or
two metal domes.

What are my options?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Al, consider using tabs.

Think of the logo, pre-installed, as a staple such as is used on
paper. The 8, viewed from a side and oriented horizontally, would be
the top part of that staple. The staple “legs” that ultimately
penetrate the leather/paper, would be on the left and right,
vertically oriented. Thin metal strips would be good leg material.
Just make two thin slits in the leather with a thonging chisel or
such-like, to accommodate the tabs. Insert the tabs and fold them

Dan, IJS