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Merry christmas

Dear Fellow Orchidians: I haven’t had much time to read postings
lately, and by the numbers, neither have lots of other people. I’ve
been working 14 hour days, my back and shoulders are killing me, I
have no sense of humour left, and still 2 working days to go.
However, I would still like to express my appreciation to all the
members whose questions and answers enrich my jewellery life, and
sometimes my personal life, and to wish you all a very merry
christmas. Hoping this season was prosperous, and the next as well!
Kim, in Peterborough, north of Toronto, Ontario, where we have
perfect Christmas weather, snow, not too cold, wonderful!!!

A quick note of appreciation to all Orchidians! Many thanks for all
the and opportunity presented in this wonderful forum,
provided by Hanuman himself. Have a safe and happy holiday! Erhard in
snowy Kitchener, Ontario…oh please don’t let it rain yet! (this
area gets freezing rain often)