Mens signet ring shanks

So I have a commission. I know what I want to do per the design.

The challenge is I can’t find a good selection of mens size 12 pre
cast silver signet ring shanks.

I am going to build off that but there is a really limited selection
on most of the websites I have looked at. Anyone have any suggestions
of good sites/shops to go looking?



May I suggest “Unique Settings” I think they are out of New York

Give them a try!

AFAIK, you’re not going to find them either. Signet rings need to be
forged. Engraving cast rings often will often reveal hidden
porosity. Forged rings don’t have that problem, and the worked metal
takes the tool better as well. Quality signet blanks are drop forged.

Unless you’re doing multiples forge the shank. If you are doing
multiples, cast them. Either way, you won’t have to modify your
design to fit someone else’s pre-made piece.


cad it, mold it and cast as many as you want.


Try tripps.


We have no problem buying signet ring cast shanks or stampings here
in the UK, I have bought 18ct shanks in the past from here;

Peace and good health to all,
James Miller FIPG