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Men's ID Bracelet

Rio doesn’t seem to have these any more. Anyone know where I can get them at a decent resale price? Or the parts to put together?

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Hoover and strong used to sell a kit. I don’t see it on their website, but it might be worth a call…Rob

I have so many of them I want to sell them. Good price


If they had it, I assume it would be on their website… [Buying one piece from them would be a hassle because I’m not in the US.]

I have asked places before for items that they don’t currently show on their website and they have been able to sell them to me. You are correct that buying one and shipping it outside the US might not be practical.

I do have molds for both men’s and ladies ID bracelets, for
anyone wishing to cast and assemble their own.

Jon Michael Fuja

We carry these two. Unfortunately, neither are identical to the one you bought from Rio.

image image

Turns out Rio does have them. Don’t know why they didn’t come up in my search. It doesn’t have to be like Rio’s–I have never purchased one before. But I think on yours the plaque is too narrow for my needs. What are its dimensions (including thickness)?

Hi Janet,

Here are the descriptions and hyperlinks to all three.

Item 26608 = Sterling Silver 8 inch, 5.6mm Heavy Curb Chain ID Bracelet with Lobster Claw Clasp. 44x5.3mm 20ga
slightly curved ID blank

Item 2FIG188 = Sterling Silver 8 inch, 6.5mm Diamond Cut Heavy Figaro Chain Bracelet with Lobster Clasp,
43x7.1mm 19ga slightly curved ID Blank

Item 2FIG127 = Sterling Silver 7 inch, 4.6mm Diamond Cut Figaro Chain Bracelet with Lobster Claw Clasp, 46x6.7mm
19ga slightly curved ID Blank

I’ve been looking at steel ones like this:

The comments of those who purchased were very pleased with the quality and said it was heavy. Listed as 129g. It’s quite long: 8.66"/22cm–without the clasp! I’m wondering if it will be soft enough to open and close links without damaging them (in order to remove some).

Does anyone know of a supplier that can be trusted for HIGH QUALITY steel jewelry? You never know from the pics what you are going to be getting when you order from afar… I have no experience with mass produced steel items.


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