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Memos to galleries

I seem to be having a tough time finding places to actually sell my
work - I don’t know if I’m to pricey, to one of a kind, or just at
the wrong outlets. I also know many designers guard their profitable
retailers names like gold (a jewelers pun), which they really are. It
is their livelihood and they don’t need anyone cutting into their
income. But, if anybody has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. A few
places have had my works on display in their windows as an attraction
but wind up selling their less expensive pieces from other artists. I
have tried to keep some of my pricing down and make a few
reproducible pieces (as we know, if you can make multiples of a piece
the cost of R&D can be spread out) -did that make sense? has 3/4 of my available works on it – but now
my scanner is down – ugh. Poor and losing my house in sunny Florida,