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Memco Casting Machines

I just recently purchased a Memco Electro Vac Casting machine. This
is not the machine that I really wanted but the deal on it was just
too good to pass up. The machine that I found had only 26 casts on
it, and the price was even better. I bought it to replace a 25 year
old Galloni when it finally dies or I can no longer get parts.
(which according to Galloni should be soon)

I plan on doing 3 inch flasks with this machine and small casts
consisting of 1 to 10 pieces per flask. I realize that most people
think of this machine as a large object casting machine.

Does anyone have any experience with this machine? Would you mind
if I called you to ask some questions?

I need to know about Memco’s suggested casting temps and flask
temps. I currently use a low flask temp when I use my Galloni. I
cast yellow gold with the flask temp as low as 650 to 750. If I do
white gold I cast with the flask temp at about 750-800. This seems
to do well for my current setup. I am using a casting temp for the
metal of around 950 C. I am curious as to how this will do with
vacuum casting. I am unsure of what effect the vacuum will have on
cooling the flask and how fast this will occur. When I use my
centrifical setup the flask only sits in the machine for less than a
minute before I cast. I have been getting excellent results with
what I have been doing.

With the vacuum the flask should only sit for about a minute or
less…but it will be having air drawn through/around the flask by
the vacuum pump. How much do I compensate for this?

Thank you,