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Melting furnaces?

Dear friends,

I may need another melting furnace, maybe 2 or 3kg.

Do you know a good dealer or manufacturer to which I could buy from?

I will appreciate much your help.

Best regards,

Juan Pablo Martenez Mansilla
Grupo Rex Nisi, S.A.
Calzada Roosevelt 33-86 Z.7 Edificio Ilumina Of. 801.
Guatemala Ciudad, Guatemala, Centroamerica.
Tels.:++(502) 2439 7003 - 2439 7007
Fax.: ++(502) 2439 7005

Consider contacting Otto Frei in Oakland California USA .Their phone

is 800 772 3456. They can also be reached at

Through John Freis’ suggestion, I will be ordering a Kerr Standard
Electro-melt Automatic Model. Get in touch with them, and I’m sure
that they will send you the specs. Frei is a family run business,
with great customer service and competitive prices. They stand
behind their products.

rp leaf
Berkeley CA USA


Don’t know that this is big enough for your needs, but I think it’s
a decent price. Ours is the Kerr standard (small) manual electro-melt
The melting capacity is gold: 30 troy oz and silver: 25 troy oz.
A friend used it twice and used his own crucible. So the original
graphite crucible is unused. We never used it and it is in mint
condition. We’re selling it for $410.00.

Otherwise, I hope you find what you’re looking for!