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Melting coins

I’m learning how to cast and my husband gave me some old (but not
particularly valuable) silver coins to melt down. He says it’s not
illegal to melt coins that have been taken out of circulation.

My instructor, however, says it IS illegal.

Can somebody help me here?

julie morrison
greeneville TN

Julie, If I’m not mistaken, when they removed silver coinage from the
US inventory at the mints they abolishing the law concerning defacing
US coinage. It is now permissable since we no longer have silver
coins in circulation.

Check with the US mint in Philadelphia. Kelly

Julie and Kelly,

Yes, in the United States it is legal to do whatever you wish with
coins that are no longer in circulation. 1964 and earlier US dimes,
quarters, fifty-cent pieces and silver dollars are all .900 fine
silver. The metal makes good jewelry stock…quite durable. Much
(if not most) silver Navaho jewelry is made with this “coin silver”.

One word of caution. If you intend to melt down silver coins it
would be wise to check the dates and mint markings first. Some of
them are worth a good bit more as collectibles than they are for their
silver value. The flip side of the equation is that coin dealers are
often willing to sell their worn and damaged silver coins for scrap
value. :slight_smile:


Peter B. Steiner
TripleRock Lapidary
Buffalo, NY, USA