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Melting Brass

I have a Prest-0-Lite torch that I used for years, but I never tried to melt brass with it. I turned in my B tank when I went to propane and O2. My question is: will an air and acetylene torch melt brass? If it will, I will get a new B tank. Thanks for any help…Rob

the saw frame thread has (older) comments by sheltech about the best blades for cutting pancake dies…

i know you were working on this…?


Hi Rob, sorry but I think you will have more luck with what you have got. A point to remember is that you are going to have zinc pouring out of your crucible as a gas.
From as far as I have gone in that direction is to use a trade “flame torch”. That makes light work of hunks of brass when silver soldering. It is worth looking up the composition of this gas because it seems to Wet the metal with heat whereas the other gases seem to not absorb the heat in the same way. I aam not sure if one of these torches will melt brass as such. Good luck, try UTube. John

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Maybe I should be looking at small propane melting furnaces. Does anyone have a suggestion?..Rob

I am a sucker for Forged In Fire on The History Channel. In several episodes they have cast brass and bronze scales and handles for swords. They use small melting furnaces that appear to be powered by a 20iLb propane bottle. Some look to be commercially made but most look shop built. All of the models appear to be have been formed in foam. Typical sand casting in a box around the core but the core is left in the sand and it burns away when the metal is poured. I haven’t searched Youtube for examples but Forged In Fire is on Netflix.


Don beat me to the idea. But I do have a further suggestion. Go to a local maker’s space. They usually have those there that are interested in blade smithing. Here our space we have a guy who built his own small forge. I know he got his idea off You Tube on how to build it.

Aggie in Florida where the rains and heat are beginning

I mostly cast bronze and use an Kerr electro melt but I recently bought a Devil forge from eBay to melt copper and bronze because I am maxing out the electro melt. This tool will do the job very quickly you will need to get all the safety gear it does get very hot.

I have looked at them and thought that they might do the job. Can you tell me what size you bought and can you use a standard 20 lb. propane cylinder? Thanks a lot for your reply, it is exactly what I can been looking for…Rob

I have their FB2M–10KG GAS METAL MELTING FURNACE Propane Forge Copper Brass Bronze PREMIUM

And I use 5 gal 20# tank


I only melt small amounts of silver and brass. Probably no more than 50 grams. Will their smallest furnace work and where do I buy crucibles and tongs. Sorry for all the questions, but you are the first person to really answer them. Thanks…Rob

eBay for the furnace amazon for the crucibles and tongs, caution on some of the tongs are not very strong on amazon, you can check Rio Grande also
hope this helps

Thanks, it does help. I have been in contact with Devil Forge regarding the differences in the two small furnaces…Rob

My solution was to sell all of my copper and brass scrap to a re-cycler and take away the temptation to buy a furnace. I made $29.40. If and when I do buy a furnace, it will likely be a Devil-Forge…Rob

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