Melted an edge on 18 G silver cuff bracelet

I was soldering an embellishment on a silver cuff bracelet and melted a small opening on the edge of the cuff. I have extra silver to repair it but, since I have never had this “melting” experience I am curious as to the best way to approach the repair. From the inside of the cuff? I feel that this is the best way to solder the repair but, want to be sure as to how to approach this. I have learned a huge lesson about not being watchful at ALL times of what and where that flame is aimed at and how quickly a "meltdown: can happen.

Can you post a photo or did you and I missed it?

Don Meixner.
---- Lorraine Wherty wrote:

Hi Don,

I did not post a picture. I was anxious to finish this bracelet so, I took a chance in repairing it. I soldered a small triangle size piece on the back - I thinned the piece out first then soldered it. It was uneven with the top side of the cuff. It looked like a dent in the cuff. So then I did the same for the top of the cuff. ( The melt took out a very small triangle size piece on the cuff). I have soldered that onto the top of the cuff and I’m now sanding it to smooth out the edges. Finished product still in the making. Not seeing a picture could you still give me advice on what steps you would have taken?

Thank you.


Hi Lorraine,

I’ve done that before! If it were me I would have cut the melted part out into a square or circle, then with your spare piece of metal I would have matched the shape and size (it would need to be an exact tight fit, that’s why it’s easier to match a square or circular shape) then inserted it into the cuff. Soldered it and then sanded it until it blended with the cuff perfectly.

Hope that helped!

Hi Erica,

Thank you so much for the response. My first attempt to repair it did not turn out to my satisfaction. I haven’t touched it since but, now I’ll try the repair the way you suggested and hopefully that will work. I’ll let you know and thank you again for your response.


Of course, Lorraine. Anytime I can help I love too. I know it can be frustrating burning your first piece after working so hard on it. But by trial and error, I’ve learned that you can blend them so well, you’ll never see the difference. Good luck and yes I’d love to hear how it turns out.