[Melbourne] [Australia] Jewelery Supply

We are considering moving to Melbourne , where my wife is from. I
looked online but can not find anything on tool and materials
suppliers in the jewelry trade. Any Aussies out there who could
give me a hint? If we do this I will be needing all new electrical
, like flexshafts, ultrasonics, steamcleaners, ect…

Daniel H.

Hi Daniel,

I know Melbourne Jewellers Supplies in Swanson Street for tools and
AGR Joint Venture for findings and metal. You could try
www.yellowpages.co.au I am sure you would find a few people there.


 Melbourne , where my wife is from 

My home town! Two major suppliers, neither of whom have an
online presence, would be:

Koodaks Jewellery Supplies
Century Bldg
125 Swanston St
Melbourne 3000
(ask for Robert)
ph: 03 9654 5811
fx: 03 9650 1835

7th Floor 227 Collins St
Melbourne Vic 3000
ph: 03 9654 1477
fx: 03 9650 5207
e-mail: sales@twinplaza.com

Allan Heywood

Hi Dan Although I live in Perth I have on a number of occasions
ordered things from Melbourne Jewellery Supplies. They are at 5th
Floor Century Bldg, 25 Swanston St.Melbourne 3000 Phone: 03 9650
6456. I have found them to be very helpful. Also Twin Plaza Metals
(03) 9654 1477. I don’t have an address for them and hope this number
is still current. Regards Christel

Daniel, try AJS, Australian Jewelery Supplies, they have branches in
Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I use the Brisbane Branch for my

Regards Eric @efgriff

Dear Dan, Make sure that your wife joins the local branch of the
jewellers and metalsmiths association of Australia… we are a bunch
of committed people/students/ established jewellers/metalsmiths etc…
Also get the national magazine of the group, Lemel, which keeps you
in touch with whats going on around the country, plus overseas,
exhibitions coming up etc. Contact is Jan Donaldson. contact me
offline for her email address.

Melbourne have a very active JMGA, and are hosting the next
conference in Feb. 2004.

felicity in sunny hot Perth western Australia.

Try www.aemetal.com.au for metal. They’re in Sydney, they send
intercapital parcels Express Post so you receive them next day.
Prices are good, service is excellent. (Happy customer, no connection
and all that).

www.hoj.com.au is another Sydney company. If you join the Jewellers
and Metalsmiths Group in Victoria, you may find you can get a
discount with House of Jewellery. Ask for Selwyn, he’s the
manager/owner and is very knowledgeable. They also deliver
interstate and are very prompt. They carry all sorts of hand tools,
electricals, display packaging, books, etc., etc. (again happy
customer, no connections…)

Have you considered using a transformer for your electrical
equipment instead of buying new?

Regards, Marianne. (Brisbane, Australia).