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Meiji microscope

I have a wonderful meiji zoom miccroscope. I need a stand with
darkfield for looking at gems. Mabey just a drkfield with iris to
look at gems so i can get my GG.

Meiji wants 1350.00 just for the stand to fit my optics. Mine has a
telescoping arm for bench work but i would like to use it for gem

Any sugestions. Thanks steve

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a microscope for your jewelry projects? We recommend:

Most of the Chinese Microscope manufacturers have the same
measurement as Meji. Check the GemOro Microscope for Jewelers. You
may be able to buy the stand with the Gem Clip, Dark field
Including both the lamps upper & lower.

All you need is to find the dia for the head. I know they use to
have the same. Should cost around $250.00. It could be better if you
post the measurement of the Meji you have.

Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply Inc
46 West 46 St, NY NY 10036

Steve, you might try doing a search with the words “meiji
microscope” on ebay. I have seen stands cheap on there several
times. Ken

Here’s a simple idea I’ve seen other people use. Use a small size
pie tin (3" or 4", available at the grocery store in the baking
aisle) and paint the inside with optically flat black paint. Make a
cover from poster board, painted on both sides with the same paint,
with a suitable hole in the center, and mount it to the top of the
pie tin. I’ve heard it works well and can be made for little over the
cost of a small can of paint.

Jeffrey Everett

Dear Steve, I finished my GGS at TIJT Paris Texas last year and have
an intrest in Optical Mineralogy since my college days.

I had purchased two used REICHERT Stereo Star 0.7 to 4.2 zoom
microscopes through eBay. I also purchased two 75 w. optical fiber
illuminators with the correct attachments for use on the 0.5 power
auxiliary lens. One of these microscopes came with a boom stand. The
reason is both are interchangeable and if I have problems, one can be
serviced, while the other one is still in use. I have paid perhaps $
600 for the pair, the lights and the stand .

The auxiliary lens will give app. 4 1/2 " lens clearance at 3 1/2
power. Using a pair of 10 power eyepieces which came with the scope,I
will have 7 X to 42 X continuos zoom . Using additional 15 power
eyepieces, I will have 10.5 X to 63 X continuos zoom.

The fiberoptic ring light gives good illumination. I have several
damaged fiber optic light pipes which I can use as additional means
to direct the light into the aftermarket lower illuminator with the
iris. Keep your eye open for a 16 mm motion picture projector lens. I
have one to attach a modified light pipe. which will focus a brighter
but smaller beam of light. This will give me a flexible light for
side illumination .

The other microscope came with 2 auxiliary lens attachments. One has
had the optical lens removed and needs to be rethreaded to hold the
scope and ring light. This extension will hold the ring light in the
upper position. I have located NEW lower illuminators with iris
which are available as aftermarket.

I have this and other stored on my computer . More later
on this subject as it is neither a simple or short one .

This will be used as the light field, dark field lower light sources
with iris . I need to make a base into which the second microscope
holder with the focusing helix will attach. This will have a place
for the flexible light pipe to illuminate the lower light field ,
dark field illuminator.

If you have purchased your polarizer fine. If not, hold on to your
money and purchase ( via eBay ) two camera lens polarizes . With one
on your lower light source and one on your auxiliary lens attachment,
you can determine single or double refractive stones with more

I am going to quit for the night as I became a grandfather
yesterday, and I am feeling my age.


Regarding your question about a a decent microscope… try A & A
Tools…1-800-433-5544 They have a microscope for $175.00 that has
10x and 30x. I use it on 30x when I am teaching granulation so that
my students can really see what is happening. A & A has a wide
selection at reasonable prices.

Ronda Coryell
Studio Manager

Revere Academy
760 Market St. Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94102
Check out our website:
fax: 415-391-7570

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a microscope for your jewelry projects? We recommend: