Meeting Daniel Grandi

Hi All In Orchidland, On Friday,I had the pleasure of meeting
Daniel Grandi and his wife Susan. It was late in the afternoon and
since I was in Rhode Island from Maine. Dan had been working in the
wee hours of the morning all week helping a fellow caster whose
plant had burnt down. Although exhausted,he agreed to see me and
what an experience it was. Daniel is is one of the most
giving,knowledgable and nicest persons I have ever met. So is
Susan. I got a tour of the plant and knowing practically nothing
about casting,it was very impressive. He is not only a master
caster,designer etc. but also a musician and when having time is
rebuilding a Jaguar.

I brought some jewelry to be cast and while explaining the
processes,I learned a great deal and got some very good tips. He
showed me some finished work and it was wonderful,if that is a term
to use for professional finished cast work. I look forward to
having Racecar Jewelry do my casting from now on. I do not work for
or have any interest in promoting,although if I were younger than my
77 years,I would love it.

to get in touch with Daniel you
won’t be sorry. Thank you,Daniel Louise Gerstenblatt

Hi All, I too stopped at Racecar Jewelry to meet Daniel Grandi while
on my way to Metalwerx to take a workshop. He was kind enough to
fritter away an afternoon giving me a tour and explaining the
casting process. Although I consider myself a small customer, he
has always treated me as if I’m just as important as someone who
orders thousands of pieces instead of 6. (or sometimes 1) His work
is super, everything comes back finished and ready to sell. Anyone
looking for a castor, check out Dan!

And did I mention that he is a long time supporter of Orchid.

Betty Belmonte