Medical situations with Gerry!

Dear all on Orchid!


Sorry for the long delay in writing, but here is my answer. I am now
’under the weather’ with some real tough decisions. To forge ahead
for surgery on my lower spine or continue taking Oxycontin
pain-killers every day. I have now a “Degenerative Bone Disease” and
I’m barely walking unaided. So if your long waited "Diamond Setting"
notes requested back in February, and have not been received. Please
understand my dear Orchid folks, I am trying to keep ahead of this
new situation on a ‘day-to-day’ basis.

I’m due for another MRI soon to seen what progress this disease has
gone to. I am now having great difficulty in even walking or
standing…moral of this “Life is a daily challenge”. I have also
activated my Disability Insurance coverage on a permanent basis.

To all of my Jewish friends, have a great Passover Holyday, “Hag
Somayach!”…Gerry Lewy!


My best goes out to you. I understand what you are going through. 20
years ago I had lower back surgery and it was a difficult decision to
make until I became bed ridden and had no choice. I was very
fortunate. I had one of the best doctors in the state I was in at
the time ( Texas ) do my surgery. Although even today I encounter
back trouble when I have stress or do not allow for time away from
the bench and computer, overall I must admit I am happy I had the
surgery. The major pain went away afterwards.

Good Luck
Greg DeMark


Get better, we can worry about the other later.

I have noticed the lack of posts from you. Just thought you were
busy, sorry to hear the news.


Have a wonderful Passover. Get well soon.

Lloyd Butterfield.

Hi Gerald,

I hope you recover soon. It sure is a tough decision. Operation is
the best solution in the hands of a proficient surgeon (like a
professional setter setting stones). Eventually pain killers will
hurt your stomach and harm other digestive organs in your body.
Follow your doctors suggestion and don’t worry!

Best wishes and regards.

Hi Gerry, So sorry to hear that you are having so much discomfort
caused by degenerative Bone Disease… These days modern medicine has
progressed so much that they can perform near miracles.

Nonetheless you have a difficult decision to make, as to whether to
continue taking pain medicine or to undergo surgery. I send you my
very best wishes and hope that you find relief from your pain.


Dear Gerry,

Please know that my best wishes are with you in your time of physical
trials. A kind and generous person such as yourself reaps the
rewards, at such a time, of continually helping others. May many
bright blessings come to you in the days ahead. Our thoughts are
with you.

Sincerely and with thanks,

Dear M’Lou, et al!

I owe you personally, and all who have sent me “best wishes for a
speedy recovery” a deep debt of gratitude. I thought for a few days
that I was ‘alone’ but suprises galore, the letters came pouring in.
went for an update MRI two days ago and will find out how my
"Degenerative Bone Disease" is fairing. It ain’t fun, trust me!

I am off to Lloydminster, Alberta, April 13th - 22nd on a ‘setting
training session’. Now I going to use a wheel chair to get myself
around this very large Toronto airport. Schlepping suitcases and
tools is now a bit beyond me. I am then upon my return, going to a
be guest speaker with the “Bench Conference” on April 27 - 30th. Drop
by and say “Hello” at my booth somewhere with the other exhibitors at
the “Adams Mark Hotel” in Buffalo, NY. My topic of my TWO, two hour
seminars is “Art Deco, Cut-Down Setting”, this topic is one of my
favourites. You will see up close how easy it can be applied. I have
also prepared many series of rings to show how it prepared…(hint)
no bead-setting or raising of beads, for this style of setting work!

So the moral of all of this medical stuff, “nothing is going to get
me down!” When I get back, I resolve to be MORE ACTIVE on
Orchid…hugs to you all…Gerry!..:>)