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Medical oxygen regulator on my propane tank?

A few months ago I asked why I was having trouble lighting and
keeping lit my Hoke torch with the small tip adapter set. I normally
use propane and oxygen with standard welding gas regulators. The
smallest tips just seem to blow themselves out. Several answered and
advised using the very lowest pressure settings. Pressures under a
pound or two are very hard to control on standard gauges. I found a
partial solution by installing a medical oxygen regulator ( garage
sale find) on the oxygen tank which seems to do a better job with
pressures under 1/2 lb. However, the propane pressure continues to
be a problem. My question is - Can I install a medical oxygen
regulator on my propane tank? Is propane pressure in the tank too
much for an oxygen regulator?

Please comment -

Herb, using an oxygen regulator for a fuel gas is extremely
unadvisable, as well as not possible with out modifying the
regulator as one will have right hand threads and the other left
hand threads just to prevent someone from doing this either by
porpoise or accident.