Medallion set into cuff bracelet

I’m wondering the best way to set a 1.25 inch diameter medallion
into a domed cuff bracelet 1.5 inches wide. I thought I might drill a
seat into the cuff and do a rub over but that might ruin the strength
of the cuff when it’s flexed.

George, you could make a bezel tall enough to settle on the cuff by
filing the bottom of the bezel to conform to the cuff. If you do
this, make the bezel heavy, maybe 24 or 22 gage. Or you could drill
the seat as you described and then strengthen the cuff from the
inside with two “splints” on either side of the mount with round wire
or a ring of round wire on the inside of the cuff around the mount.

Anyway, two ideas to think about.
Sam Patania, Tucson

Make a bezel high enough to set the medallion and to compensate for
the curvature of the surface and file it to fit the top of the
bracelet. Solder it on, then fill it with some sort of filler,
sawdust works fine, and set the medallion on top of it. As I write
this I am wearing a Navajo style silver cuff about 2" wide with a
turquoise cab about 1 1/2 x 3/4" which I made around 25 years ago
and which was made that way.

Jerry in Kodiak