Meco midget torch tips

I would like to purchase a Meco Midget torch but I am confused about
the tips. Hope someone can help me out as I’ve already been through
the archive looking for the answer. Are the N Series tips (N-00 thru
N-7) for acetylene only or for all gases? Tinmantech states they are
for acetylene but Otto Frei say’s all gases. Also at Otto Frei are NG
tips (ventilated) $31, which they recommend for natural gas only but
tinmantech has what looks to be the same in an OX-Series for
propane/natural gas for $20. Otto Frei also has Recessed tips for all
gases and I would like to know when a recessed tip would be
preferable over the N Series and NG/OX series. I really don’t know
which tips to get. I use propane/ox with a Smith Little Torch but I
need a larger, hotter, bushier flame than I can get with this torch
using tip #7. Which type tip (N, Recessed, NG/OX) and # would you
guy’s use for a belt buckle using propane/ox?

Thanks in advance!

The N tips work fine for me with Propane and Oxygen.


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

There is a larger melting torch tip. I use that with Propane and
Oxy. I just watched someone melting 18K with the regular tip from
Smith little torch. I have no problem with the regular tip even for
Delf Clay. I also do have acetylene which I use with a # of other
torch’s I have.

Be safe and check fittings and hoses. Enjoying this forum as well as
other great on the net.


I use the N tips with propane/oxygen and they’ve worked fine for me.

Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Alliance, OH

Hi Laurel,

I love my Meco midget, and I use regular oxygen tank and a
disposable camping style propane cylinder (fire regulations). I like
it even better than the Swiss torch. I use N-0,through N-3 for
general stuff (including platinum) and for big things I’ve modified a
NG-1 tip by popping out the centre and filing six extra ports into
the sides. I can cast over 100 grams with this. It can move a lot of
gas if I turn up the pressures a bit on the regulators. If you are
doing a lot of big stuff buy the full range of tips. I got my torch
from Tim also. Attached are a couple of pics of the tip

Happy Heating,

Dana Grund