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Mecco midget extension


What was the name of the company who made an extension to the Mecco
Midget Torch?



What’s the extension do? I have a Meco Midget and am interested!


What was the name of the company who made an extension to the Mecco
Midget Torch? 

In November I mentioned a longer neck for the Meco Midget. Perhaps
this is what you are asking about:

The usual disclaimers apply–I am not affiliated, your mileage may
vary, etc.




TM Technologies has one. Here is a link:



To anyone interested in brass extension necks for their Meco Midget
torch, look up, online.

They carry many great accessory products for Meco torches, including
tips, extensions, tip swivels, etc.

I was particularly interested in the 7 in and 10 in. brass extension
necks for the Meco Midget. I’ve loved everything about my shiny brass
Meco Midget, but when I am melting palladium or platinum, my hand
gets pretty hot from the flame. The 7 in. extension ($40), would give
3 in. more distance from the flame compared to the standard 4 in.
neck. The longer 10 in. extension is $55, but I thought I didn’t need
an additional 6 in. length, so I ordered the 7 in. model.

I now use a bored out tip (1.5 mm hole) for casting, ingot making,
and larger soldering jobs. Propane and oxygen with this torch will
solder or melt any precious metals, and won’t contaminate platinum.
The longer 7 in. extension that I ordered should put the torch body
at a comfortable but still controllable distance from the tip’s flame
when I make some big heat. The standard 4 in. neck that the Meco
Miget torch comes with is a perfect length for most soldering, and
the compact and light torch body is a pleasure to use. The valves on
this torch are silky smooth and easy turning, the quality of
manufacture is obvious. I actually take my torch to the buffing
machine on occasion, to brighten up it’s brass finish, as the brass
neck gets heat oxidized from intense melting jobs.

My propane/oxygen powered Meco torch, with its assortment of tips,
as well as the new 7 in. extension, will be my “all around” torch for
a new compact studio I am building. I’ll be able to solder the
tiniest parts, melt any precious metals I work with, pour ingots of
any size, as well as annealing, all with the Meco Midget and it’s
extension and tips.

Can you tell I’m a huge fan of this torch??

Jay Whaley



Thank you. Yes this is what we were looking for. I also received a
direct message from another wonderful Orchidian with the same end

Bless Orchid, and long may it reign.

The vision of Hanuman, with Charles Lewton Brain, and Ton, has
certainly come to fruition. They deserve the gratitude of every one
of us. Don’t know of anywhere else, where such a variety of
questions get valid answers.

Orchid Rules.


Hi Elizabeth,

FYI, I emailed Terri offline with this same info yesterday…

Here is one source, among several, for Meco Midget torches, tips and

(I have no affiliation with any torch sources, including this
reference). I very much like the fact that Kent and the gang at TM
Technologies make their own Oxy/Propane Tips for this torch! They
are top-notch! As are the other fittings they sell, like the torch
extensions. Extensions are great for when you are using a larger tip
to heat up bigger pieces of metal you are soldering, or welding.
Additionally, TM Tech. sells a rosebud tip for Oxy/Propane that
works great on the longer extension, for melting and casting! A
longer extension makes it easier to keep the torch hot & in operation
for a longer period of time, because your hands are farther away from
the flame. The Oxy/Propane tips range from a #5 down to a #00. You
won’t get a flame quite as small as the “Little” torch, but for
everything else (and yeah, you CAN get a pretty small flame with a
#00 tip), the Meco torch is completely versatile!

Here is a link to their torch parts and accessories for the Meco

Folks may also wish to check out Otto Frei for Meco torches, tips,
parts, accessories. Additionally, I seem to remember that Alan
Revere uses/used the Meco torches and wrote about them in these
Orchid Archives.

Note: Ever since Victor/Meco/or-whatever-they-were-called became
absorbed into a large corporate venture (Victor" is currently being
owned/subsidiary to a corporation called “Thermodyne”), the Meco
Midget torch (and other Victor torch) products have stopped being
manufactured. You can find fewer and fewer of the regular and
recessed Oxy/Prop tips for sale anymore (the last recessed tips I
found were on Otto Frei and Progress web sites), except for the ones
"Victor/Termodyne" still has on hand (and are no longer making). If
you can actually find a “dealer” willing to buy wholesale from them
in order to sell them to you, you may discover they are selling for
4 or 5 times their ‘normal’ price range, simply because of scarcity.

Anyway, I just love the Meco midget torch, and I think its a shame
the original (recognizing ‘they’ may no longer exist) manufacturers
have let it fall by the wayside! Its thanks to dedicated folks like
Kent (TM Technologies) that keeps the good stuff around and keep it
still going and available for the rest of us!

Charlie Thomas


Could someone explain why a recessed oxy/propane tip for the Meco
Midget torch would be used instead of a regular tip?


Could someone explain why a recessed oxy/propane tip for the Meco
Midget torch would be used instead of a regular tip? 

In theory you would want to design a tip for each fuel gas. There
are differences in the way each gas burns that can be optimized by
having the correct design of tip. So a tip designed for acetylene and
oxygen will not work as well when used with propane and oxygen. If
you want the best performance go with a tip designed for the
particular gas combination you are using.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts