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Measuring Trilliant Cut Gemstones


Hi All,

It seems that if you ask 10 jewelers what is the proper way to
measure a triangle cut gem stone, 5 will say “point to point” and 5
will say “flat to point.”. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus among
jewelers, casters and stone cutters. And as you well know, if the
stone is measured side to point and the setting is measured point to
point, or visa versa, it sometimes doesn’t work very well. How does
everyone out there measure these stones? What’s your preference?

Gene Rozewski



If all sides are equal, I measure point to point. Otherwise I measure
point to point on the two short or equal sides, point to point on the
long side, and from the center of the flat on the long side to the
opposite point. That gives me all of the measurements I need to plan
the setting.

Brian Corll
Vassar Gems



When measuring a Trilliant, Trillion, Hexagon, Chevron or any fancy
cut with a point and flat or curved side, I use the point to flat
side for a measurement

Greg DeMark


G’day Gene; Don’t measure at all! Cut a strip of masking tape 1/8"
wide and carefully wrap this completely around the stone. Push the
stone out and cut the piece of tape in half or thereabouts, lay the
tape on a flat surface sticky side down, and that is the length of
your bezel strip, plus the thickness of the metal.

Cheers for now,
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ


For my own stone boxes I use point to point measurements. For stones
that are not equilateral, point to flat doesn’t give you all of the
picture. In catalog listings of calibrated findings or stones, clear
discloser of method is all I want.

David Lee
david lee jeweler


A trillion is a cut that has the same measurement from any flat side
to the opposing point, curved sides and rounded corners. Calibrated
stones are 3x3x3, 3.5x.3.5x3.5 usually up to about 8mm. The settings
are available in catalogues and are described this way.

Triangle stones can be equidistant or not. Catalogues have settings
for equidistant triangle stones. All catalogues have two catagories,
triangle or trillion.

I have the super secret decoder ring from Stuller, Ha! Ha!, so I
double checked the on-line catlogue that I can order from, on-line,
24/7 (something that those of you who use Rio don’t seem to be able
to do).

Richard Hart


Not sure if this helps but when I cut any variation of trilliant /
trillion / triangles I always measure them point to point to
determine the finished size.