Measurement of Bezel

Hi all, I have a question about a ring with 3 bezels. This ring is
meant to be set with diamonds. The measurements are .25/.50/.25. .50
ct. corresponds to 5 mm. .25 corresponds to 4.1 mm. I do not want to
set this ring with diamonds. My question is: can I use a stone of 4.0
mm for the two bezels of .25 ct. Would the one tenth of a mm be
relevant in setting the stones nicely? How would I best approach this
problem? Thank you for reading and best regards, Will

Will, I see no reason why you cannot set the 4mm stone. That tenth
of a millimeter is no where near the limit…I’ve set stones easily
up to .5mm from the bezel size. Be sure the bezel is not too high as
that will just add extra unwanted metal to to bezel and could cause
crimps. Then be careful when bezeling that you move the lower part of
the bezel in to the stone before bringing the upper half down onto
the stone’s shoulders. Then seat the lip.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple elegance IS
fine jewelry!