MDR Facet Machine Alignment

I have an old MDR 300 faceting machine that needs alignment. I am
told that MDR is no longer in business, so I’m now trying to find
out how I can get the machine serviced.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



I have a MDR faceting machine that my older brother had and he gave
it to me before he died. It set in my garage for 10 years and finally
last year I got it out and set it up I got a electric motor that can
be centroled by a Rheostat which regulates the speed.

The Pedistol was not milled Square on the end that sets on the
sliding base. I got some stainless steel .0001 shims and shimed it so
now it will cut a rectangle cut and when the last facet cuts it comes
out good. There is a company in Texas that bought out the MDR
company.If you click onto Faceting machines this company add will
come up.

The machine I have has 8" laps. one 180, 400, 600, 800, 1200 & 8000.
They are copper laps charged with diamond. I am learning the process
of faceting stones and it is exciting. I have cut some Aust. Coper
Pedy opal and some turquoise and I cut three synt. round Saphites
which looked good The machine wasn’t set up good when My brother
bought it.

If your pedistol is not true both lenght and width it wont cut a
asuare cut. The facet wont come out good.

If you need parts I think the Texas co. can help you.

Billy S. Bates

Allan…Contact Everett Eaplet at

He just overhauled an old MDR Master for me. Cheers, Don at The
Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple elegance IS fine jewelry!

Thanks for the leads. I’m in Canada, so I was hoping there might be
someone out there who’d have some ideas on where I could get this
done up here, but I think that’s not likely.

As well I realize I have an MDR 102, not 300… basically the same
as a 300 except for a few part which I upgraded a while ago.